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[Airtel event] how to breakup the boring waiting time safety!
Name : 이지희(Diary) Date : 2016-08-03 Hit : 10,976
One summer night's shelter < ' Boracay   ' BK airport lounge access Airtel event > Now Airtel Airtel to Boracay in the diary at the time of booking   If you add a circle only per BK lounge voucher! (BK Lounge includes: unlimited access to a snack bar/lounge tickets/foot massage 30 minutes/check-in service) * Please note *   1. This event is Boracay Airtel products only applies to the event. Airtel won one apiece at a cost you can add a lounge voucher. 2. This event is Boracay BK airport lounge access in Boracay is an actual diary Per person $ 16 USD (approximately 18,000 to 19,000 won and hanwha l & c) is on sale. 3. in addition to the perks of this event at certain goods other goods is a separate, or add a substitute. ★ Boracay Airtel booking shortcut ' Airtel diary ' ★ http://www.airteldiary.com/airtel_ko/ .
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  • 다이어리(조경희)
    If you would like the goods reservation tell those Airtel representative. ^^   
  • 오채민
    How do I apply for this?   
  • 너구리
    Airtel was completed by the deposit if you want to buy a how do I apply?   
  • 한송이
    Airtel was how you would like to purchase a reservation?!   
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